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Your Business: Having Peace of Mind After Hours

When you own a business, the last thing you want to do is to leave work only to worry about your business every moment you’re away.  When you install a business alarm system, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your business is protected.

Motion Detectors



Much like home security systems, an alarm system for your business offers many features to help protect your business.  One valuable option for your business security system is motion detectors in your halls and rooms.  Once the alarm system is set, any motion detected will set off the alarm, notifying the police that there is a problem.

Decal Deterrence


Window decals and outdoor signs indicating that you have a security system in place are a deterrent to potential crooks.  Burglars have admitted that any home or business with a security system is too much trouble to try to break into.  Thieves would much prefer pick an easier target that is not protected by an alarm system.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection


Many business security systems also include fire alarms and carbon monoxide protection.  These added features can protect your business and employees from a devastating fire or tragic carbon monoxide poisoning.

Video Surveillance


Another valuable security system feature to consider is video surveillance.  Video surveillance will provide you with a constant record of what is going on at your place of business while you’re away.  In the event of a crime, the videotape can help police solve the case.

Lower Insurance


As an added bonus, having a monitored alarm system installed at your business can help you save on insurance premiums.  Insurance companies look at what businesses are doing to keep their business secure when they are setting insurance premiums for the business.

Security Systems for Your Business

Are you interested in having an alarm system install for your business?  For 27 years, Alert Protective Services, Inc. has been serving the Chicago area with professional, experienced technicians.  In addition to offering security systems for your business, Alert Protective Services, Inc. also offers home security systems.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment with a security consultant!

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