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Workplace Security

Workplace Security

While many of us may have several close friends where we work, most coworkers remain casual acquaintances to many of those they work with.

By its very nature, this professional relationship with coworkers can lead employees to feel that there is an inherent sense of safety and security at the workplace. However, numerous events in recent years have taught everyone that such feelings are not always justified, and that feeling secure without taking precautions can be a costly, and even deadly, mistake.

Here are some simple ways to stay safe while you are at work:

  • Know the neighborhood. Call the local police department in the area where you work and find out what the neighborhood’s crime rate statistics are. Being aware of the various crimes that have taken place – and who the victims were – can help you to be more alert about your personal safety when going to and from work.
  • If your workplace has an access control system, never give out keypad code information or lend your magnetic-strip swipe card to anyone, ever. Depending on your firm’s system and procedures, tell visitors or delivery people to use an intercom, buzz them in, or have security meet them at the door, whichever is appropriate.
  • Avoid working alone in the building after hours. Arrange for transportation when you have to work late rather than risk waiting alone at a train or bus stop.

We may consider it a sad commentary of our times that such considerations need to be discussed at all. Unfortunately, the old adage about it being better to be safe than sorry is more true today than ever before.

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