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Work Safety, Resolutions for 2016

Work safety resolution, do you have any? People often make outlandish resolutions for the new year that are almost impossible to achieve. Why not make a resolution this year you are able to accomplish, like making your workplace a safer and healthier environment?

We can help you start here:

Work Safety Resolutions

Consider the past year when looking to the next. The best way to ensure your office is safer in 2016 is to think about important events that occurred in 2015. Did anything happen to an employee that could have been prevented? Did you perform sufficient safety training? Was there confusion during an emergency or emergency drill? Answering such questions will help you come up with applicable resolutions that will benefit everyone.

Ask employees. Chances are that your employees have opinions about certain standards or practices that you don’t even know about. Ask them if there are things they think would make certain tasks safer or simpler. For example, some may be too costly to implement, but others may be relatively simple. Plus, this will open communication between you and your employees.

Review policies and equipment. Read through health and safety rules and policies for any areas that can be changed or improved. To emphasize, you should also inspect (or have a professional inspect) equipment or tools that employees use daily. Worn out or damaged equipment can create hazards.

Know who to contact for emergencies. When an emergency occurs, you need to think and act quickly. If you don’t know who to call, you’re out of luck. Review such phone numbers or email information, and have them displayed somewhere where any employee can find it in the event of an emergency situation.

We wish you all a safe and wonderful new year!

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