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Which Homes Burglars Target

Some Stats on Robberies

Did you know that the 4 percent of homes that take no security measures? Consequently these unsecured homes  take up 30 percent of all burglaries. There are preventative measures you can take to decrease your risk of  a burglary. Alert Protective Services aims to find the best alarm and safety system for you and your home to ensure that burglars will stay away and you can sleep comfortably every night.

One-third of all robberies occur because of discreet path ways. For instances, a burglar goes into a home windows that are not as easily visible from the street. This includes back windows. A key preventative measure is to make sure you lock your windows. The same rule applies for doors. Make sure you always lock it at night and when you leave the house. Also, if you do have your windows/doors open during the day make sure not to leave them unattended

Make Sure Your House Is Secure

It is important to be aware of your house is secure. Especially when you are on vacation or out of town for work. There are ways that you can avoid making your house an easy target for burglars scoping out homes in your area. First, have a friend or neighbor routinely pick up your newspapers and mail because a stack of newspapers or overstuffed mailbox can be a tell tale sign no one is home. Also, make sure to have a friend or neighbor or pay a service to cut the grass, shovel walkways or rake leaves because this can be another quick, easy sign that no one is home. Two measures you can take on your own are making sure not all the drapes are closed and having your lights turn on at different times automatically—because experienced burglars know if the lights are all on or all off you are most likely not there.

Another key preventative measure is having an alarm system. Burglars can quickly be deterred if they spot one, make sure your system is visible and always on before you go to bed, leave your home or go on a trip. Alert Protective Services offers a variety of alarm systems using advanced technology that we monitor. Please contact us today if you are interested or have questions about our systems or alarm systems in general.

Get Into the Mind of the Burglar

Lastly, here are some other quick tips for getting into the mind of a burglar. Never hide your keys under doormats, in flower pots or anywhere outside your home. Burglars know where to look and they will find it. Leave a spare key with your friend or neighbor. Do not leave a note that indicates you are not home, such as asking a delivery man to put your package in the back. Make sure to lock sheds, garage doors and gates because those can all be easy access points for a burglar. Keep televisions, computers, stereo equipment and jewelry away from outside views. Last but not least, when you go on vacation the safest way to ensure your home is not a target is to have a neighbor or friend watch your home while you are gone, such as checking on it each day because they will notice if something is wrong or off.

Stay Alert!

Alert Protective Services aims to keep your home safe when you are there and when you are gone. We want you to be able to go to sleep without worrying about someone breaking into your house in the middle of the night or while you are away enjoying yourself on vacation. Contact us if you have any questions.

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