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What to Do in Case of a Break-In

Someone breaking into your home can be a terrifying and traumatic experience. However, with the proper knowledge and confidence, you will be able to remain calm and navigate the situation. You want to be prepared in case of a break-in. Here are a few tips to keep in mind should the day come when someone breaks into your home.

Make a plan

Having an emergency plan in place beforehand is going to be incredibly helpful should something happen, just in case of a break-in, a fire, or another type of emergency. Get everyone that lives in your home together to go over what to do in case of an emergency. Have escape routes, a meeting spot, and hiding places clearly mapped out and make sure everyone is aware of the plan.

Keep quiet

In case of a break-in, don’t risk the potential for violence. The first minute within a break-in happening is going to be incredibly important for your safety. Don’t risk letting the burglar know you are there because you don’t know their intentions (as in whether or not they are violent). If you can, lock the door to the room you are in at the time of the break-in.

Call the police

Once the door is locked, reach for the phone and dial 911. The operator will ask you for your name and address along with any information you have about the emergency. Stay calm and tell them your situation as clearly as you can. Make sure to remain as quiet as possible while still making your voice heard to the operator. You still want to remain hidden if possible. Stay on the line and listen to their instructions intently.

Your options

If you do not have access to a phone when your home is burglarized, you may feel like you were left up the creek without a paddle. You essentially have three choices in this scenario. The first is escaping from the building. The second: hiding from the intruder. And the third is confronting the burglar. Let us make this very clear: Do NOT attempt the third choice. Confronting the intruder unless you are a trained professional is never advisable, because you do not know the intent or the level of danger the intruder may represent. Do not know how the burglar will react or what sort of lengths they are willing to go to.


If you have the option of escaping, do it. Getting yourself out of that situation is almost always one of the best choices you can make for your safety. However, do not attempt dangerous or risky escapes that have the potential to harm you more than a burglar—such as escaping from high windows. Use the steps in your emergency plan (if you’ve created one). If you have notified the authorities and are escaping, let them know that you are escaping. Keep your cell phone on you if you can.


Escape may not always be an option, so you may have to hide. If you are on an upper story of a building or in a spot that has not exit points, you may have to stay where you are and wait out the burglary. If you can, make sure you are hiding in a room that can be locked and make sure to stay until the police arrive or until it is abundantly clear that the burglar is gone. Remember to remain quiet and remain calm. If you cannot lock the room you are in, at least barricade the door. If you are on the phone with 911, alert the operator of your position.

Preventative Measures

Ideally, no break in will occur at all, and you won’t need to know any of these. To increase the likelihood that no one breaks into your home in the first place, consider a security system for your home. Whether you are considering activating a security system for the first time or, if you are ready to leave the broken promises and rising rates of your current security provider behind, call Alert Protective Services now and discover why the greater Chicagoland area trusts Alert Protective Services to monitor alarm systems reliably at an affordable price.

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