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What to do During a Break-In

Burglary Safety Tips

Burglary safety tips can save lives. Unfortunately, without the proper preventative measures, someone can invade your home. Although many burglars enter a home without violent ambitions, some may take violent measures to protect their identities and avoid the police. Having a plan in this scenario could save your life! If you believe an intruder is in your home while you are there, this is what you should do:


Call 911

If you are ever afraid that an intruder is in your home, call 911 immediately. Even if the police arrive and find no one is there, at least you have been given solace and can comfortably return to your activities. Calling 911 is one of many burglary safety tips we have to offer.


Don’t Leave Your Room

For instance, if you are certain there is an intruder in your home, do not leave your room. If you try and investigate the situation on your own, the intruder will either quickly escape or become violent. It is a bad idea to put yourself in that dangerous situation, which is why you should wait and have professionals take care of it.


Encountering the Intruder

In the worst-case scenario, your intruder may confront you. How you behave in the first 30 seconds can set the tone for what follows. Be sure to keep your voice as normal as you can, avoid direct eye contact, and be cooperative to keep yourself as safe as possible. In most scenarios, an intruder will feel if you confront then on their act.


Preventing Trouble

You can avoid many break-ins. Homes with a security system are 15 times less likely to be burglarized. Alert Protective Services are your local security professionals in Chicago who can help install and train you on a reliable security system. Add a security system in your home to help protect you and your property today! Feel free to contact us or call us a (855) 433-6700. Try our new DIY services if you are interested in installing your own security system.



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