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A Low Voltage Security Systems Primer

The Latest on Low Voltage Alarm Systems from Alert Protect Services

In case you’re not already familiar with them, we might begin by answering the question, what is a low voltage electrical system?

Low voltage electrical systems are circuits that use less powerful current than regular home or business AC current. Frequently, low-voltage systems are installed during the building process along with the regular wiring.

Low-voltage systems include things that most of us use every day, including telephone, cable, audio, and alarm systems.

Alert Protective Services of Chicago can both install a low-voltage alarm system and offer a 24/7 monitoring service.

Examples of Low Voltage Installations

Alarm Systems

Every home and business should have a properly designed and installed alarm system. It takes only minutes and one unfortunate event to wipe out all that you’ve worked to build and protect. Low voltage circuits are especially useful for pre-wiring alarm systems because they use less current than normal wiring and can be extended throughout your house or business.

Access Control and Security

A low voltage access control system can reach all access points and connect to sensors attached to windows, doors, security cameras, and motion sensors. In this way, every entry point, as well as the outside of your home or business, is protected by an alarm for intrusion detection,.

Low voltage alarm systems are typically installed as the structure is being built, along with the regular wiring. Pre-wiring in this manner allows the future homeowner or business owner to install virtually any type of security system, potentially increasing the value of your property.

For commercial establishments a low voltage system can include:

  • • Card access control.
  • • Proximity card readers.
  • • CCTV cameras and monitoring for additional security.

Sound and Audio Systems

You can use low voltage wiring in conjunction with intercom systems to meet the needs of any establishment.  Be it a business, school, hospital, or some other type of large establishment.

In the home, you can use low voltage wiring  to install, among others, a monitoring system, multiple cable outlets, intercom system, or a speaker system to pipe music throughout your home.

Whatever Your Low Voltage Needs and Security Solutions May Be, Contact Alert Protective Services

Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or institutional administrator, Alert Protective Services can install the low voltage wiring you need for fire alarms alarms, access, sound, or any other purposes for your home security system, or commercial or institutional system.

We’re always glad to provide you with free, no-obligation estimates, and we urge you not to hesitate. As your structure goes up, contact Alert Protective Services for the highest quality low voltage installation services.

Call (855) 866-6987 to speak to Alert Protective Services or try our DIY service today.

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