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What is a Low-Voltage Alarm Installation?

Low-Voltage Electrical Alarm System

Low-voltage electrical systems are circuits that use less powerful current than regular home AC current. Frequently, low-voltage systems are installed during the home building process along with the regular home wiring. Low-voltage systems include telephone, cable, audio, and alarm pre-wiring. Alert Protective Services of Chicago can both install a low-voltage alarm system and offer 24/7 monitoring service.

Low-voltage circuits are especially useful for pre-wiring alarm systems because they use less current than normal wiring. They can be extended throughout the house. A low voltage installation can reach all access points and connect to sensors attached to windows, doors, and motion detector. This way, each point of entry is protected by an alarm as well as the outside of the house. Low-voltage alarm systems are typically installed as the home is being built along with the regular wiring. Pre-wiring in this manner allows the future home owner to install virtually any type of security system. This increases the value of a home by 1-2 percent.

Alert Protective Services can also install different types of security measures. They can set up wiring for monitors that peer into various rooms in the house to help keep a watchful eye on newborns from work or other parts of the house, or they can install intercom systems to make communicating with loved ones easier in large houses.

In addition to alarm systems, Alert Protective Services can lay the ground work for future video distribution, home theater, or entire house audio systems. Alert Protective Services can install multiple cable outlets for future internet and T.V. use as well as speaker systems that can pipe music to all parts of the house, inside and out. Call (855) 433-6700 to speak to Alert Protective Services today.

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