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Water Safety is No Accident

As human beings, we love water. We like to drink it, look at it, hear it, bathe with it, sail on it and swim in it. Ours is the “blue planet,” and we seem fascinated by every shimmery molecule of water we see.

Whether it’s at poolside or “by-the-sea,” at your favorite lake or in your own bathtub, water safety is important. Water safety something we all need to be mindful of. Both for our own safety and the safety of youngsters with us.

Water Safety Tips

RULE NO. ONE – No electrical appliances around or near water. Keep plug-in radios, fans and other small electrical appliances away from bathtubs, showers, sinks and swimming pools. If you want music, make sure the radio is battery-powered.

RULE NO. TWO – Behavior. Most accidents and injuries in, on and around the water are the result of unsafe conduct. Allow no head-first diving unless you are in an area specifically designated for diving. Ban “horseplay” – wet surfaces are no place for running or wrestling, and can result in serious injury.

RULE NO. THREE – Limit the use of alcohol. Alcohol blocks our natural inhibitions, increases our reaction time, interferes with our ability to sense fatigue and can cloud our sense of good judgement. All of these are potentially serious if the person affected happens to be operating a powerboat, water skiing, or swimming a little too long, or to far from shore.

RULE NO. FOUR – Think safety. If you’re planning a picnic at poolside, don’t use glassware and china that could shatter into hundreds of dangerous slivers if accidentally dropped. Rather, make it a rule allow only paper plates and cups are anywhere near the edge of the pool.

RULE NO. FIVE – Safety equipment. If you’re going out boating, always make certain that there are an adequate number of Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) for everyone on board. Make sure that young children have their PFDs on, especially if the weather turns rough or it’s difficult for you to see them at all times.

Water is our planet’s “life-blood” so to speak, and a source of endless fun and fascination. Following these simple safety rules can make being in, on, or near the water a safe and satisfying experience for everyone.

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