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Video Doorbell Benefits – Smart Technology with Big Returns

The Many Ways You Can Benefit from a Visual Doorbell System

Video doorbell has its benefits. When Jamie Simiroff appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, no one was interested in investing in his video doorbell system. Disappointed but undeterred, he eventually had the last laugh. Despite the Shark Tank rejection, he persisted, eventually developing a billion-dollar video doorbell company.

Today millions of American homes have video doorbells. If you don’t have one, here are some of the top reasons why you should. The benefits of a video doorbell camera include all the following.

A deterrent to burglars

The last thing the bad guys want is to appear on camera. Typically, they’re after the low-hanging fruit.  Consequently, when they see your house has a doorbell camera watching their every action, the chances are they’ll move on and look for a house that doesn’t have this kind of protection.

Valuable video evidence

If the worst occurs and you have a break-in, your video doorbell will probably provide the police with some excellent evidence. That video footage can also be used to back up your insurance claim.

Lower homeowner’s insurance

Your insurer will appreciate this extra layer of protection you’ve added and probably will reward you by lowering the rate on your homeowner’s insurance.

Added value to your home

Potential buyers are always interested in the security features that come with a home. So, when you install a smart video doorbell, you’re not only providing extra protection for your family. You’re also adding a feature that will boost the appeal of your home to potential buyers if you decide to sell.

Delivery monitoring

We live in a world of online purchases and front-door deliveries. With a video doorbell and phone app, you can monitor deliveries, knowing when a package was delivered. Or in the case of a dispute, you’re able to present video evidence that it wasn’t delivered, or that it was delivered but stolen by “porch pirates.”

Screening visitors

Whether you’re on your couch or miles away at work or school, you can tell exactly who’s at your front door and how you want to respond, or perhaps not respond at all!

A smiling young couple appearing on the screen of a video doorbell.

Night vision capabilities

The technology of video doorbells is constantly evolving. The latest models can capture video footage even in the dead of night. Providing still more security for your home and peace of mind for the homeowner.

Home Security from Alert Protective Services

At Alert Protective Services, we’ve been protecting homes throughout the Midwest for decades, and we’re proponents of anything that adds to the security of your home.

Every home is different, and we can design a security system based on smart home technologies that meets your specific needs. And for the DIY types, we also offer a variety of pre-packed DIY home security systems you can install yourself in a matter of minutes.

For the very best in home security, contact Alert Protective Services, and we’ll be glad to give you a free, no-obligation security quote.

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