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The Unexpected Things Burglars Are After

If you don’t have surveillance cameras in Chicago, we highly recommend installing them to ward off thieves. Of course, burglars will likely attempt to break-in, so they can steal jewelry, money, cars, electronics and other expensive objects. But they often have an unexpected list up their sleeve to steal items value that’s not easily visible to the average person. We’ve rounded up a list of unusual stolen products.

  • Laundry detergent
    It’s almost guaranteed you’ll find this in every household. Popular brands like Tide are often traded for drugs and other illicit items and they’re especially ideal because there’s no serial number on the back to track them.
  • Allergy medicine
    There’s a consistently high demand for allergy medicine as there’s a huge number of people suffering. This is an easy medicine to turn around and re-sell.
  • Pregnancy tests
    Like laundry detergent, these can be sold for near-retail prices and the demand for them is always high. Younger thieves may seek pregnancy tests to avoid the embarrassment that accompanies buying them at the store.
  • Manhole covers
    Some thieves dedicated to stealing these 300-pound objects have customized trucks with holes in the ground to steal them more discretely. Why steal them? Metal prices, including iron, are increasingly getting higher, causing a high demand.
  • Small boats
    Summer in Chicago is the perfect time to steal small boats and other expensive boating accessories. Small, private boats are susceptible to theft as they’re easy to be hitched onto cars and quickly driven away. Jet skis, fishing equipment and boat electronics are amongst other popular stolen items.

Installing surveillance cameras in Chicago is a great way to crack down on theft and scare unwanted intruders away. If you have questions about surveillance cameras in your home or place of business, contact Alert Protective today!

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

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