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Types of Surveillance Cameras

The main task of any surveillance camera is to have an extra set of eyes on your property at all times. However, with the ever-evolving technology, you don’t want to settle for Chicago surveillance cameras that aren’t advanced as they could be. At Alert Protective Services, LLC., we make sure that regardless of what camera you get from us, you and your family will be protected at all times. Here are some different options that we offer. Our team can help you pick what is right for you.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Cameras

We offer both outdoor and indoor cameras to make sure that all of your property is protected. Both come with night vision capabilities so you can feel safe at all hours during the day. Fixed cameras are ideal for targeting one specific area, such as your front porch. Our cameras come with the capability to swerve and change angle as well, making it easy to follow any potential intruders. Our team is happy to come to your property and determine how many cameras it is ideal for you to have both outside and inside.

Should Cameras Be Discrete?

This is a question that many of our customers ask us when they are deciding what camera they should use and how it should be placed. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to hiding your camera versus making it obvious. If you hide it, you will be able to see people’s true intentions with why they are there. However, if you have it placed in an obvious way, it can help deter potential dangerous activity. Talk with your family about what makes you feel the safest.

The bottom line: no two homes are different, so our team will help make sure you are making an informed decision about Chicago surveillance cameras. Contact our team today to get the process started!

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