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Safe Travel in 2015

Travel Safety

Travel safety tips can be beneficial. The New Year is approaching, and maybe you’ve scheduled a vacation to escape the winter chill or expand your horizons. Whatever your reason for traveling, there are some things you need to be aware of. Even the most experienced traveler can fall victim to a scam or robbery in a foreign country.

Follow these tips and you are sure to have a safe, enjoyable getaway!

  1. Travel light and leave irreplaceable items at home.
  2. Keep your travel plans to yourself.
  3. Don’t flaunt cash or expensive items out in public.
  4. Store passports and other important documents and items in the hotel safe when not needed.
  5. Make copies of your passport to carry with you.
  6. Put a tag with your name and contact information on every bag you bring on the trip.
  7. Don’t keep your wallet in the back pocket of your pants, and keep your purse zipped at all times.
  8. Never leave belongings unattended in a public area.
  9. Avoid walking in alleyways or poorly lit side streets.
  10. Do not accept food, drinks, ride offers or anything else from strangers.
  11. Have local emergency contact information on hand.
  12. If you are confronted or attacked, give up your valuables and don’t try to fight back.

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