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Tips for Winter Car Emergencies

You know the typical winter driving safety tips: drive slow when the road is snowy or icy, keep a blanket and emergency kit in your trunk in case your car breaks down, and keep your gas tank full so it doesn’t freeze.

But there are other, lesser-known tricks that can save you when you are really in a pickle this winter. Read on to learn more!

Use kitty litter to get your vehicle out of the snow. There will be days this winter when there is more snow than you care to deal with, but have no choice but to dig your vehicle out and hit the road. You can try to hit the gas as hard as you can, but the car won’t go anywhere. Scooping cheap cat litter behind each wheel will allow your car to get a better grip to get out of a snow pile.

Use plastic bags to cover your side mirrors. Scraping off your windshield and windows can take a long time, and in your bustling schedule, you don’t want to waste time! When parking at work, school, kids’ sports practice, or anywhere else, cover your side mirrors with quart-size zip-top bags. They protect against snow and ice accumulation, so you can hop in your car and be on your way.

Use hand sanitizer to de-ice your car locks. You’re in a rush. You need to get in your car and be on your way to your daily activities. But you see that the locks are iced over. What are you supposed to do? Before grabbing that hair dryer and testing your patience, squirt some hand sanitizer on the locks. The alcohol in sanitizer melts the ice on the lock.

Use toothpaste to clean dirty headlights. Driving through dirty, slushy snow will splash onto your vehicle’s headlights. A small amount of toothpaste on a rag will have the dirt gone in no time. It will only take about five minutes.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or try our DIY services.

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