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Simple Rules for Safer Living

Home Security System Chicago

Tips for safer living can save lives learn more about the tips we have to offer:

Rule No. 1

Don’t make yourself an easy target. Do not leave doors or windows unlocked or open when you’re not home. Don’t put cartons for expensive electronics or other valuable purchases out at the curb for trash collection—it advertises that you have stuff-worth-stealing in your home. Be very careful about who is around—and might be listening—when you’re telling friends and relatives how you’re about to leave on the vacation of a lifetime.

Rule No. 2

Your home’s security system is smaller, smarter and less visible than everbefore. Be sure to arm it when you go to bed and every time you leave your home. If you don’t activate your system, it can’t provide you with the protection you and your family are counting on.

Rule No. 3

Test your system regularly to make certain it’s in good working order and that all system components are functioning properly.

Just a few short years ago, burglary protection was a necessity only by those who were well-to-do. Today, unfortunately, virtually every household contains expensive valuables that can be easily stolen and sold for a profit.

Today, computers, flat-screen televisions, digital cameras and camcorders head the list of the elec- tronic devices that today’s burglars can count on finding in almost every home—replacing the silver- ware and jewels, furs and cash that thieves might have targeted years ago.
Your home is probably a treasure trove of easy- to-carry and easily fenced goodies. Now, here’s the good news. Your odds of becoming a burglary vic- time are reduced practically to zero as long as you follow these few simple, common-sense rules.

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