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The Smell of Natural Gas is Not Natural!

Even the faintest smell of natural gas should be cause of immediate concern. The characteristic scent of natural gas is a man-made addition that is intended to help protect consumers from fire and explosion hazards. Here are some important considerations every member of your family should know in the event someone smells even a “whiff” of natural gas.

  • Don’t cause a spark or ignite a flame or match! If smoking a cigarette, extinguish it immediately. Do not turn on any lights because the electrical switch may cause a spark.
  • Call for help immediately. Your local gas company has emergency repair personnel on call 24 hours a day to repair suspected gas leaks. Call no matter how faint the smell may be.
  • Get outside! If the odor of gas is strong, leave your home immediately. Do not attempt to ventilate the house by opening windows and don’t use your phone. Call the gas company’s emergency line from a remote location.
  • Stay outside! Don’t re-enter your home until after a trained gas company representative arrives, assesses the situation and gives you a clear indication that it’s safe for you and your family to return to your home.

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