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Testing Security System, This is a Test

Testing security system is important. When was the last time you test your security system? When was the last time your security system receive a complete and thorough check-up? If the answers to these two questions are difficult to recall, then it probably means your system is way overdue for some preventive maintenance.

System testing and inspection are two safeguards that you should initiate on a routine basis to make absolutely certain that your security system is 100 percent at all times. If you already do this, you know the peace of mind it brings.

Like any other complicated system of electrical devices, mechanical anomalies or other normal wear-and-tear problems can develop. Although they are generally easy to correct, you first have to detect them.  Otherwise, someone can compromise the integrity of your entire system.

Some of the more common problems discovered during routine testing and inspection procedures include: cobwebs and dust obstructing the lenses of motion detectors and smoke detectors which can reduce their effectiveness; blown fuses in control panels that prevent horns or sirens from sounding; frozen contacts and worn-out backup batteries. Another common occurrence is when remodeling projects, or simply the rearranging of furniture. This can totally or partially blocks the field-of-view of motion detectors. Which diminishes or eliminates the protection they were meant to provide.

Give yourself, and your family, the maximum level of protection that your system is capable of providing. Perform routing system tests and schedule periodic full system inspections to make certain all sensors and alarms are functioning properly. It’s the easiest way there is to know that your home’s security system is 100 percent if and when it’s ever needed.

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