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Surveillance Camera Options and Home Security in Chicago

When it comes to protecting your property and keeping the bad guys away, nothing works much better than security surveillance cameras. If you’re considering getting cameras to protect your home and property, you may be unsure which to choose. Admittedly, it can get kind of complicated, because of the options that come with the cameras. Hopefully, the following primer will help you make your choice and decide which surveillance system is best for you.

Outdoor Security Cameras and Options

Surveillance cameras stationed strategically around the exterior of your home can often scare off burglars. The main question to consider here is what storage option do you prefer? Some systems record directly to a DVR device, while others store footage in a cloud-based server.

Also, some cameras record only in response to motion. Constant recording, either to a DVR device or a cloud-based server provides the most complete amount of data. But if you only want motion highlights, you might opt for a motion-activated camera storing data in a cloud.

Additionally, for outdoor surveillance for your Chicago home, you want weatherproof cameras that can withstand the elements. They should also have about a 130° field-of-view.

Indoor Security Cameras

Obviously, these cameras do not need weatherproofing, nor do you need a wide field of vision, though you will need to choose your method of recording footage. Today’s indoor cameras typically connect to the internet and can provide surveillance footage through an app on your phone. Indoor cameras are easy to relocate close to a nearby plug, and wireless cameras don’t even need that.

Home Security Systems In Chicago

Wireless and Wired Cameras

That brings us to a final consideration. Namely, do you prefer wireless or wired cameras? Their ease of use and simple installation make wireless cameras a popular choice.

On the other hand, for a couple of reasons others will prefer wired cameras. These include having a reliable connection to a recording device and being able to record footage locally without having to depend on a cloud.

Doorbell Cameras

These are increasingly popular with today’s homeowners, given the growth of online shopping. It replaces your traditional doorbell with one that includes a camera. And through an app on your phone it notifies you when someone rings the bell or when motion is detected. You can speak directly to the person at your door and possibly scare them off if they’re trying to steal your packages.

Multiple Options from Alert Protective Services

Alert Protective Services is the leading company providing security systems for homes in the Chicagoland area, complete with professional 24/7 monitoring. As we always say, for both homes and businesses, your security is our utmost concern at Alert Protective Services. Whatever your choice in home security equipment and protection, we can provide a package that meets your needs. And to save you money, we also offer a variety of great, fully programmed DIY systems.

We urge you not to leave your home, your possessions, and your family members open to intruders. For peace of mind and the very best in security systems in Chicago, including commercial security, contact Alert Protective Services today. We’ll be glad to provide a free security quote and security solutions that are second to none.

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