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Special Consideration for Cannabis Dispensaries Security in Chicago

Alert Protective New Venture with Cannabis Dispensaries

As cannabis dispensaries are on the rise new security measure are need for their facilities. Thankfully, Alert Protective Services can help with that. Alert Protective’s 40 years of experience as a prevalent Chicagoland company,  has built expertise in various industries.  Subsequently, these industries require specific security concerns and solutions that will help keep their property and content safe.

As these niche industries grow and expand in the city such as the cannabis dispensary, it is important to create a custom security plan. 

Chicago and the Cannabis Industry

Chicago Cannabis Dispensaries

At the present time, Illinois continues to process new licenses for cannabis dispensaries. To meet such demand, Alert Protective Services has met the resulting security challenges with effective solutions for these new businesses. So how do we do this?

First, we must meet the complex regulatory requirements imposed by the local and state jurisdictions for cannabis dispensaries.  Many of these jurisdictions have specific requirements such where cameras should be located. Also, these jurisdictions state which monitoring system need to be used as well. Failure to meet these requirements during the design phase can result in unnecessary additional costs later on.

Next, we build a customized system to prioritize employee safety.  Cannabis dispensaries are high-frequency targets for theft and robbery. With that said, providing the much-needed safety and security for your employees is crucial.  Employees need to be able to alert the authorities if a violent intrusion were to occur from anywhere in the location. Hence forth, new integrated personal protective technologies will provide your dispensaries with that comfort.

Finally, Alert Protective Services merges far perimeter, near outdoors, and site interior detection all to one system. This system detects, reports, and records any attempt at product diversion. Overall, this helps the employees’ safety.

Are You Protecting Your Business Investment?

In the Chicagoland area, Alert Protective’s team has successfully worked with dispensary owners to maximize their security needs.  If you are a new dispensary owner or current owner lacking the security needed to maintain a safe working environment, please reach out for a free consultation here.

Read more about the regulations here.

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