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Some Things to Watch For

Neighborhood safety is important. Not every stranger in your neighborhood is going to be a criminal. There are many legitimate tradespeople, repair and service technicians who do have legitimate business around our neighborhoods. Just remember, criminals take advantage of this by often assuming the guise of a legitimate business representative.

Always ask for and carefully check the identification of all solicitors, meter readers, and repairmen prior to allowing them into your home. If there is ever any doubt, lock your door and call the business or utility for verification.

Be suspicious of anyone going door-to-door in your neighborhood. Watch them carefully take notice if  they try to find lock doors. Look into windows, or go into alleyways or backyards, report it to the police immediately.

Be suspicious of apparent business transactions. Beware of people force into a vehicle. Be suspicious of any empty vehicle that appears in your neighborhood. And, be suspicious if you see a flashlight beam inside a neighbor’s home, especially if they are away.

Many of these situations could have innocent explanations. But any law enforcement officer will tell you he or she would rather investigate crime-prone situations that prove harmless than be called to one when it’s too late. Your call could save a life, prevent an injury, or stop a criminal act.

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