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What to Know About Your Smoke Alarm

Your first defense against a fire is having a reliable house smoke alarm that will protect you and your family in times of need. At Alert Protective, we take house smoke alarms very seriously and want to help you be prepared! Here are some smoke alarms safety tips to ensure your fire alarm is working as it should be.

Test It Often

It is ideal to test that your fire alarm is working properly at least once a month. Hold down the test button for about three seconds to see if your alarm makes a sound. If the sound is faint or does not make a noise altogether, it means it’s time to replace the batteries. Speaking of batteries, make sure you change them at least once per year for the most effective results.

Do You Have Enough Alarms?

Another smoke alarms safety tip is to walk through your house and make sure that each sleeping room has a properly functioning fire alarm. Every hallway outside of sleeping areas should also have an alarm, and each floor of your home should have an alarm as well, including the basement.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm as Well

Odorless, tasteless and invisible carbon monoxide is another common cause for concern. Your home should have a carbon monoxide alarm to help detect for this dangerous gas. Combination alarms are also available that protect you and your family against both fires and carbon monoxide.

The importance of investing in quality house smoke alarms cannot be overstated! At Alert Protective, we are number one in commercial fire alarms, so we can help you with all of your fire-related needs! Contact us today to get started.


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