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Signs Your Chicago Home Security System Isn’t Working

Security systems are meant to create a comfortable and safe environment for homeowners, but when your home security system in your Chicago home stops working, this secure feeling may fade. Without a working home security system, threats may go undetected and leave you at risk. The following signs are tell tale signs that that is time to call Alert Protective Services, LLC. to repair your system.

System Failure

The clearest sign that your home security system in Chicago is not functioning properly is a system failure. After taking various steps to activate your system and threats are still not being detected, a failed system or faulty equipment may be to blame. By being proactive and regularly testing your home security system, you can avoid being unaware of system failure. When your tests reveal failure, contact Alert Protective Services, LLC. for maintenance.

False Alarms

If your alarm begins to regularly go off with no threats present, these false alarms are signs that your home security system may not be working correctly. To avoid wasting valuable emergency resources and ensure your safety, contact Alert Protective technicians for repairs.

Constant Beeping

Constant beeps throughout your home are also obvious signs that your home security system in Chicago needs to be fixed. Try replacing the batteries, resetting your system, or using a voltmeter to check wiring for corrorision. If you take these steps and do not see results, call Alert Protective Services, LLC.

The bottom line is that if you are ever in doubt about the proper function of your security system, please contact our team to get your questions answered or have technicians come to your home to make your system work right.

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