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Benefits of Security Cameras in Schools

The safety of students is a top priority at all educational facilities from grade school to high school to college. Keeping students safe is a significant part of the faculty’s job. Video surveillance has become the new way to increase safety by providing more eyes on students and the school grounds. A common issue schools face is updating their security systems. Many are out of date and do not have good coverage of the campus. Also, many are inadequately maintained, while some had no security system at all.

Alert Protective Services understands and promotes the importance of security for your home and business.  We do everything from monitoring your existing alarms to new alarm installation. Our goal to help find the right system for you and your budget. Making your home or business as safe as possible.

Common Challenges for Schools

Old infrastructure is a problem many schools face in terms of updating their security systems. Thus, being cost-efficient became difficult in terms of buying a new security system. Their current systems had poor image quality, separate audio and video cables and limited access to recorded footage. Also, they wanted to make sure they were able to get footage to the nearby police department if something happened and the outdated technology was not equipped for that.

However, the solution to their problem was much simpler than anticipated. They were able to install HD products that updated their older systems, so tweaking their current technology ended up improving the system’s overall. Now the administrators can watch the footage in HD and monitor activity from the cameras remotely using their mobile phone or web browser. The schools saw the importance of updating their security systems for the well being of their students and helped worried parents rest assured their children are safe at school. Fortunately, they were able to do all of this within affordable means that worked with their current security technology.

Security Cameras on the Rise

A study done by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that between 1999-2000 and 2009-10 there was a major increase in the use of one or more security cameras to monitor schools from 19 percent to 51 percent. In 2014, 83.7 percent of middle schools and 89.2 percent of high schools use security cameras to monitor the school. Alert Protective Services can provide new security system installation that we monitor for you. We see the increase in the need for security systems and our trusted staff can help provide the insight and knowledge you need to pick the right system taking cost into account. Education is important and keeping the school environment safe is key to our academic system.

Courtesy of: Campus Safety Magazine & National Center for Education Statistics


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