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Rude-Rage ,Don’t Be a Victim

Rude-rage is quite common. It’s a new fact of life: In our fast-paced world, people are behaving badly. It happens hundreds of times a day. Normally “nice” people tossing all sense of common courtesy out the window and behaving rudely. Sometimes flying into a violent rage.

Whether it’s people in a hurry, pushing ahead of others. People irritated because lines don’t move fast enough. Or  people on the edge, with their hands on the wheel of a couple thousand pounds of lethal horsepower and heavy metal; the fact is that it’s dangerous out there.

How can you and your family avoid the hazards of rude-rage? The first rule is to not become an unwitting perpetrator. Try to keep your cool in lines, in traffic, in face-to-face confrontations with sales clerks that have more attitude than a stepped-on snake. Try to maintain an overview of life as a whole – which is far too short to waste on time and emotional energy on trivial spats that amount to little or nothing in the long run.

If you’re the focus of someone else’s assault, try to diffuse the situation with a kind word or a smile. If that fails, get away from the confrontational person as quickly as possible. Never respond with a rude word or a rude gesture, as an unexpected confrontation can quickly escalate to a potentially dangerous incident.

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