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Reducing False Alarms, Rid Your Frustration

Reducing false alarm can rid you of a headache. When false alarms occur frequently, everyone gets mad. Here’s a few pointers to help reduce false alarm incidents.

Reducing Fire Alarms Tips

  1. Make certain that you – and everyone who has a key to your home – knows how to operate your security system. According to industry statistics, over 75 percent of all false alarms are by individuals. Indivduals who didn’t know how to properly arm or disarm the system.
  2. Nearly 33 percent of all false alarms are  by someone who does not live at the location where the security system is present. Make sure you instruct anyone who has access to your home on the proper way to operate the system.
  3. Make sure you are comfortable with the amount of time you have to arm and disarm your system. If you feel rushed or panicky about operating your system’s controls, call us and we’ll make appropriate time adjustments for you.
  4. Keep pets, fans, heaters, balloons, etc., away from motion sensor areas when you arm your system. Pets cause over 10 percent of all motion-related false alarms.
  5. Before leaving your home, make certain that you protect your windows and doors by locking them.
  6. Test your system regularly to make certain that all components are functioning properly – for your security, and for false alarm prevention.

If a false alarm does occur, don’t panic. Enter your disarm code carefully to reset your security system. Resetting your security system will send an authorized cancellation signal to the central station. Do not leave your home until the system is reset or until the central monitoring station calls and you give them your password or ID code.

The occasional false alarm can be dealt with. Frequent false alarms can result in serious consequences and endanger your family and property in the event of a real emergency.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or try our DIY services.

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