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Reasons for False Alarms

Not only are false alarms annoying and embarrassing—they can actually cost you money! Setting off a security alarm may result in fees or fines by a city. False alarms are a safety issue because they take time away from police officers. So how can you avoid false alarms from your security system? Here are some of the best ways to prevent false alarms from your home security system.

Proper Training

One of the most common reasons for false alarms is that people attempt to use them who haven’ learn to use them. People like children, house guests, and family members who have not been properly taught how to turn the alarm off risk sending the signal out to authorities that something is wrong when there is not. Make sure that anyone that can or might be entering your home knows exactly how the alarm system works.


There can be problems with the installation of security systems if it not handled by a trained professional. Poor wiring, poorly placed motion sensors, or motion sensors that don’t take into consideration homes with pets are all things that may trigger a false alarm. You’ll want to hire a professional alarm company to install your alarm system to avoid errors that may lead to trouble.

Poor Maintenance

There may be some issue with your alarm system that could be caught by routine maintenance. Older systems may have batteries that need to be changed or may be affected by dust. Having your alarm company stop by from time to time to make sure everything is in working order is a good way to prevent false alarms due to poor maintenance.

Old Systems

Older systems may malfunction due to their age. Systems may begin to fail after some time, so you’ll want to contract a safety professional to install a new system in your home. New systems have longer lifetimes and more advanced features to help decrease the chances of false alarms.

For more information on home surveillance systems and false alarms, please contact us or try our new DIY services!

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