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Prevent Home Accidents

Most accidents occur in the home, and you can prevent most of them. Knowing the danger areas and fixing common hazards can make everyone in the family safer.

  • KITCHEN: Mop up spills promptly. Use extra caution when handling knives and other sharp objects.  Use those items only for their use. Never leave pots unattended, and do not lean over hot pots or pans.
  • STAIRS: Make sure all stairways are well-lit and clutter-free – and never run up or down the stairs.
  • BATHROOM: Never leave small children alone in the tub, even for a moment. Medicine cabinets and storage areas for bathroom cleansers should be protected by childproof locks. Safety grab bars and non-slip tape in bathtubs and shower stalls help protect all members of the family – no one is immune from slipping!Prevent Home Accidents
  • ALL ROOMS: Look for “pull-down” hazards like over-loaded closet shelves, top-heavy bookcases or file-drawers.


A little common sense, a few moments to look around for potential hazards, and just a second or two to set things right, and you and your family can help safety-proof your home against many of the most common causes of household injuries.


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