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Pool Safety Tips

Thousands of pool injuries and drowning incidents occur every year; however they can be avoided with proper safety measures. If you have a pool at your home, read the following tips to ensure everyone is safe and has fun.


  • Invest in a sturdy pool cover, and use it whenever the pool is not being used.
  • Install a self-latching fence around the pool – choose materials that aren’t easy to climb.
  • Check for missing or broken drain and suction covers and repair or replace them.
  • Install an alarm on doorways leading out to the pool area so you are aware when someone is going out to the pool.
  • Have a first aid kit nearby.


  • Sanitize your pool regularly and test the water to ensure it’s at the right pH level (between 7.2 and 7.8).
  • Remove debris every day (leaves, twigs, etc.) and heavily chlorinate the pool once a week.
  • When people are done using the pool for the day, remove toys and floaties from the pool so children aren’t tempted to reach for them.
  • Cover the pool and lock the fence after daily use.
  • If your pool is above ground, remove the stepladder so no one can climb them.


  • Never let children be in the pool by themselves, even just for a moment. According to the USPSC, a child can drown in less time than it takes to answer the phone.
  • Kids under age 5 should always be within arm’s reach.
  • Familiarize yourself with rescue procedures and CPR.
  • Have a phone nearby in case of an emergency.


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