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Reduce False Alarms w/ Pet Friendly Detectors

Pet Friendly Alarm SystemWhile you may think of your pet as one of the family, he or she will appear as an intruder to many motion sensors. This causes the system to initiate an alarm call—which turns out to be a false alarm. This happens because the intruder is your big brown-eyed-pal. Who’s sitting in the corner wondering what all the excitement is about. Unfortunately, families with large pets often stop arming their systems to avoid false alarms.

Today, there is a new breed of sensor technology that is pet smart. These modern sensors incorporate sophisticated signal analysis, ASICs (application specific integrated chips), and specially designed lenses. This allows these new generation units to avoid small, horizontal targets. While still reacting to large vertical thermal sources that enter the sensor’s field of view.

Properly install in areas where your pet is free to roam. Sensors that use a combination of advanced signal processing can help to eliminate many false alarms. No technology is entirely foolproof—pets that enter the sensor’s field of view at close range, or take a vertical path through the sensor’s field of view by climbing, may register as an intruder. The newest generation of pet avoidance sensors can greatly increase a pet’s invisibility and mobility within the home while allowing the family to maintain their system’s alarm status—and their peace of mind. If you’re hesitant about arming your security system because of false alarms caused by a family pet—or if you’d like to increase your pet’s mobility within the home when your system is armed— we’d be pleased to explain how the latest generation of pet avoidance sensors can accomplish both of these goals. Feel free to contact us for details and a no-obligation analysis of your home’s pet-sensitive protection needs. Or try our DIY services.

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