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Performing a Home Safety Check-Up

While we love our Windy City and wouldn’t trade it for the world, as one of the many security companies in Chicago, we know all too well about the high rate of crime. Broken down by city, the FBI’s Crime in The United States report puts Chicago at number four on the list of cities with the most burglaries in the U.S. We’re not out to scare you though. We want to help you avoid becoming one of the millions of victims of burglary in Chicago.

The easiest way to avoid burglary is to perform a home safety check-up. And, as one of the best security companies in Chicago, there’s no one better to show you what to look out for. Without further ado, let’s dive into the home safety check-up.

Home Safety Check Up Tip #1: Exterior Doors and Windows

The best place to start your check-up is the entrances to your home. Here are several things you should double-check when it comes to exterior doors and windows.

  1. Are the doors locked at night and anytime you leave them home?
  2. Do you have hardwood or metal-reinforced doors?
  3. Can everyone in your home see through the peepholes? Is the peephole wide-angle?
  4. Are there any glass panels near your doors? If so, are they shatter-resistant?
  5. Does every entrance have a functioning lock with a deadbolt?

Home Safety Check Up Tip #2: Garage Doors

Don’t overlook the garage door when it comes to your home safety check-up. Many people choose to rely only on the automatic opener as security, but it helps to have an extra layer of protection with an extra lock. Also, like your other doors, ensure that your garage door is made of a solid wood material or metal.

Security for Out-Of-Town Trips

To ensure burglars don’t take advantage of your vacation time, follow these easy tips:

  1. Set light timers so lights will be turned on and off when you’re away.
  2. Activate your alarm or motion detector.
  3. Stop deliveries, including mail and newspaper, or arrange for a neighbor to pick them up.
  4. Arrange for a friend to take care of the yard or watch the house while you’re gone.

The key to avoiding a burglary is to make sure you don’t present an easy target. You can be positive your house will make a difficult, unattractive target for criminals with a quick call to Alert Protective Services. We’re one of the premier security companies in Chicago. Call us at (855) 433-6700 or contact us. Try our DIY services if you’re interested in installing your security system yourself.

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