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Motion Detectors, Keep Your Garage Secure

Motion detectors can keep your home safe. We spend plenty of time making sure our doors are locked, our windows are shut, and our homes are secure, but all-too-often we overlook one of the most crucial access points of our home: the garage. The garage not only might be home to plenty of your valuable possessions, but it can provide entry into your house to burglars.

Keep the Garage Door Opener in the House

Most of us are in the habit of keeping our garage door openers in our cars, but this can make it all-too-easy for intruders to find and take. Consider attaching the garage door opener to your keys to help you remember to bring it inside with you. If you can’t remember to bring it inside, at least try to remember to keep it in the glove box where it is out of sight from burglars.

Motion Sensors

Motion detector sensors in or near your garage can be a great way of increasing security. For instance, motion sensing lights will help deter thieves and intruders. You can also look into alarm installation for your garage door. These can come in a variety of styles and brands depending on your needs.

Tinted Windows

When a thief can see inside your garage, they can see what valuables you have stored inside. Intruders are more likely to go into garages that they can see inside of, so keep any windows into your garage either covered or frosted to deter thieves from seeing inside.

Garage Door

Keep the garage door closed while you’re home and whenever possible. It’s tempting to think that since you’re home, nothing can go wrong, but damage can be done while you’re home as well. This goes to the last point about intruders seeing inside. When your garage door is open, passersby can see what’s inside and get a lay of the land, or may even walk inside. You can prevent this easily by keeping the door down.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or try our new DIY services if you have an interest in installing your own security system.

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