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Monitored and Unmonitored Security Systems and their Differences

Home Security Systems

For many homeowners, making sure that their home, belongings, and family are safe and secure is essential. To achieve this, there are different types of security systems that provide different levels of protection. In this post we’ll discuss the difference between monitored and unmonitored security systems.

Monitored Systems

Security system monitoring is a great service that, oftentimes for less than a dollar a day, ensures your home is monitored 24/7 by security professionals that can contact you, the police, or fire department in case of an emergency. This is perfect for families that are constantly out of the home, have young children, or have expensive items in their home such as large electronics, expensive furniture, and irreplaceable collectables.

Unmonitored Systems

With an unmonitored system, it is up to the homeowner to maintain a close watch on all of the daily happenings around the home. While this may work for many people who are able to stay at home, it is a less viable option for those who travel a lot or work out of the home.

If you currently have an unmonitored home security system, then adding a monitoring service is very easy. Many alarm monitoring companies can operating by using home security systems made by any of the most popular manufacturers, including Napco, GE, Safewatch, and many others.

If you’re ready to begin monitoring your existing security system or install a new surveillance security system at your home or business, then contact Alert Protective Services today. We also carry a wide variety of other security devices for your home or business such as intercom systems, video and surveillance cameras, and low voltage home audio equipment. Visit our website for more information on our products and services! Feel free to try our DIY service today.

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