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Lock & Key Basics

Home Security - Lock & Key BasicsLearn about lock & key basics. As vulnerable as they are, locks and keys are still one of the most cost-effective security devices. One way to help protect your property is make all keys say, “Do Not Duplicate” stamped on them. It’s not a foolproof deterrent, but it may prevent unauthorized key copying.

Another way to protect your home is to have locks installed that require very hard to get key blanks. Some blanks are totally secure, meaning only licensed locksmiths can order the blanks from the lock manufacturer. These lock & key basics tips can help secure you’re home

Keyless entry systems—those using combination locks that can be adjusted—are often set to the user’s birthday, Social Security number, phone number. Or some other obvious set of digits. Professional burglars know this, and when casing a potential burglary site, they will gather all of the obvious numbers and usually gain entry quite easily. If you’re using a keyless entry system in your home, be sure to choose some set of digits unrelated to any easily found combination. This can prevent any one from easily getting in to your premises.

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