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Living Alone and Staying Safe – Home Security in Chicago

Home alone safety tips is beneficial for those who live alone. Few would deny that there can be an upside to living alone. There’s no roommate to contend with, you can use any décor you like, watch whatever you want on TV, and come and go as you please. However, feeling unsafe can be a problem when living by yourself.

Hopefully, the following suggestions will help you take charge of your personal security and enjoy the benefits of living alone.

Home Alone Safety Tips

1. Know Your Neighbors

Neighbors you know and trust can be a great help in an emergency. If you’re new to an area, introduce yourself and get to know those next door or across the hall. Just be cautious about giving out too much personal information until you know them well.

2. Make a Safety Check

Take the time to go through your home or apartment to make sure all door and window locks are in good working order. For extra protection, add deadbolts to all doors. This is one of many great home alone safety tips to follow.

3. Keep in Touch with Friends and Family

Don’t hesitate to involve friends and family in the Chicago area in your personal security, especially if you’re older or have serious health issues. There’s nothing wrong with checking in daily with a call or text to let a friend or family member know you’re alright.

4. Install Smart Locks

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to fumble with door keys or try to find a secure place to hide an extra key. Incidentally, burglars know all those hiding places. With a smart lock, a number code (which you can change any time) or even your fingerprint unlocks the door. With many smart locks, you can use an app on your phone for access control to lock your door instantly if you forgot.

5. Use Your Landscaping

While it’s definitely “low tech,” you can use your landscaping for security. Deprive would-be burglars of hiding places by keeping your shrubs neatly trimmed. Plant thorny bushes around windows, and in an apartment, use planter boxes to make windows less accessible.

6. Be Careful with Social Media

Limit the amount of personal information you share online that might be helpful to burglars, like your work schedule or travel plans.

Security Monitoring Services in Chicago

By far, the best security solution is having an alarm system installed, complete with security alarms and 24/7 alarm monitoring. At Alert Protective Services, we’ve been protecting homes and providing commercial security in the Chicagoland area since 1982.

Our home security systems and business security systems, including video surveillance and other security services, are up to 40% less expensive than those offered by our competitors. In addition, unlike other home security companies, our monitoring system is located in Chicago. That means that in any emergency, you’ll get a quick response from a fellow Chicagoan.

Whether you live alone or with family, don’t take chances with your home security. For peace of mind, for home or business, contact Alert Protective Services for a free security system quote today.

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