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Keep your Identity to Yourself

Identity Theft – Preserve Your Privacy

Identity theft and the misuse of personal data are at an all time high. Protect yourself by being aware of the ways your personal information can get into the wrong hands.

* Plastic trails:

Each time you make a purchase with your credit or debit card you leave an account of buying habits. Other marketers purchase this information.

* Saying “no!”:

Many retailers now ask for phone numbers, home addresses and other personal information at the checkout counter. They do this to track sales and marketing demographics. Remember your right to refuse offering up this information.

* Use available tools to protect yourself: To block potential telephone, personal computer, and cellular intruders, request security codes for your account and do not reveal them to anyone.

* Whenever you fill out a questionnaire or survey, look for the checkbox stating that you do not want any of the information on the form to be disclosed to a third party. If there isn’t a specific area to indicate your desire for confidentiality, write it boldly on the application, initial and date it.


Preserving your privacy becomes more and more urgent with the onset of new technology. Being knowledgeable of how you can maintain your privacy and taking steps to protect yourself will be to your advantage.

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