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Introducing Chicago’s Home & Business Protection Program (HBPP)

Chicago’s Home & Business Protection Program (HBPP)

As of June 7th 2022, the City of Chicago has decided to create a protection reimbursement program. Any tenant or business that resides in Chicago can apply. The protection program is intended for anyone who wants to install outdoor security cameras, outdoor motion sensor, and/or vehicle gps tracking.

Home & Protection Business Program

To begin with, here are the eligibility criteria to apply for this program:

1. The applicant must be an owner or tenant of a property used as a primary residence, business, religious institution, or nonprofit organizations. Applicants need to own or lease a vehicle registered to a primary address within the City of Chicago.

2. The applicant must provide documentation that verifies proof of purchase.

3. The applicant must provide photo documentation that verifies installation.

Moreover, here is more information on reimbursement cost.

Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria below may receive reimbursement for:

– Up to $225 per camera (cost of camera and tax only) for a maximum of 2 cameras, or a total $450 reimbursement

– One year of subscription costs for cloud-based video storage systems for a maximum of $150 per annual subscription

– Up to $100 per light (cost of light and tax only) for a maximum of 2 lights, or a total $200 reimbursement

– Up to $50 per vehicle GPS tracking device (cost device and tax only) for a maximum of 2 devices, or a total $100 reimbursement

– One year of subscription costs for GPS tracking applications as required for use by the vehicle GPS tracking device manufacturer up to $120.

Alert Protective Services is here to Assist

Finally, Alert Protective Services, LLC. can assist you with the equipment and documentation to receive your reimbursement. You can give us a call at (855) 433-6700 or contact us here.

Also, we have our DIY services open for anyone who would like build their own security system with no installation cost. View our product list here.

All in all, to learn more and apply for Chicago’s Home & Business Protection Program (HBPP) you view their site here.

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