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How to Prevent Package Theft

Package theft is an irritating and common crime. Thieves know that people are usually away during business hours and take this opportunity to steal valuable packages. Gifts, business correspondence, or a new toy—nothing is off limits.

Unfortunately, this irritating issue is tough to solve. Luckily there are proactive steps you can take to ensure your package arrives safely.

Rather than watching your front porch all day, you should consider installing a home alarm. We’ve put together an overview of some options to consider to help protect yourself against package theft.

Prevent Package Theft by Installing a Webcam 

There are a variety of webcams available and the average price is around $200. Although it is a decent-sized upfront investment, a webcam could save you money in the long run since proof of theft can lead to your losses being recovered. A sign advertising that the front door is being watched can also act as a strong deterrent.

Insure Your Package

Depending on the company you ship with, different options for package insurance are available. Some companies automatically insure packages up to $100. Since some delivery companies may not provide adequate insurance in relation to the value of your item, it is important to declare the value up front. Insurance can add quite a bit of expense to your deliveries as prices vary.

Prevent Package Theft by Specifying Delivery Time

For those on a budget, one option is specifying a delivery time. This option may cause some inconvenience, however, there is no better assurance that your package makes it safe and sound than being present when it arrives. If you can’t be around, find a reliable friend or relative to sign for the package.

Home Alarm Monitoring

A home alarm system can cover all your package theft concerns with no hassle. A strong security system is the best deterrent to thieves from ever coming near your home. With a home alarm you will have a home surveillance system that is monitored by security professionals. This monitoring feature, and much more, can be provided for less than a dollar per day.

Don’t spend one more day worrying about package theft. Let us shoulder the burden. To get a home alarm in Chicago today, contact the pros at Alert Protective Services. For more information and help with all your security needs feel free to browse the rest of our website or contact us/schedule a consultation by calling (855) 437-6700. Try our new DIY services if you are interested in installing your own security system

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