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How Smart Home Tech Can Help You This Winter

In this modern age, even children have the world at the tips of their fingers thanks to technology. The revolution of smart technology means our phones and televisions have capabilities that only desktop computers used to have. So why shouldn’t your most valuable possession–your home– be smart as well? Luckily, smart home technology is exploding with new and helpful features to revolutionize your home.

Smart home technology is particularly helpful during the winter. Extreme temperatures make having better control of your thermostat especially important. This post will show you the benefits of smart home technology in winter.

Lights Please

Combining outdoor lighting and motion sensors is a great way to boost safety in your home. Cold winters bring ice, sleet, and snow, which make walking around your house extremely dangerous. Long winter nights add to the danger. Installing technology to brighten the surrounding areas of your house when motion is detected not only helps prevent nasty slips but also acts as a deterrent for thieves. Driveways, decks, and walkways can all benefit from enhanced lighting. Since the lights only turn on when someone is around, they are energy efficient.

Remote Control

After a long day of work in the middle of winter, no one wants to return to a freezing cold home. However, it is not energy efficient to leave the heat on all day when you are not home. Luckily, smart home tech provides the solution. Remote control of your thermostat means you can adjust the thermometer on your smartphone before leaving work and arrive to a comfortable home. If you typically leave the city during the cold winters, remote control of your thermostat can prevent your pipes from freezing.

Use the Light

Research has shown that human sleep cycles are linked to the sun. During winter the nights get longer and the days get shorter. Lights linked to smart technology help you achieve better sleep and restfulness. A strategy called daylighting can boost wakefulness by using dimmers to simulate the amount of light outside. Rather than waking in the dark you will wake up to light that is more similar to the natural light of the sun.

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