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Homeowners’ Insurance, How a Home Alarm System Can Reduce the Cost

Homeowners' Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance can be costly. Protecting your home is an investment that you can no longer live without in an unpredictable, sometimes dangerous world. Home security and alarm systems can not only provide a high level of protection, they can actually help you save money!

In this post, we’ll discuss the insurance benefits that many homeowners experience with the purchase and installation of a home alarm system.

Save on Insurance

It is entirely possible that you and your family will never become the victim of an attempted home invasion. However, safety is not the only incentive for having a reliable home alarm and security system. A survey of the 10 of the largest insurance companies found that homeowners who have home alarm and security systems installed in their homes can save up to 20 percent on their homeowners’ insurance costs. Depending on your level of coverage, this can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars per year!


More Security Equals More Savings

The level of discount homeowners receive depends on the level of home security system installed. For example, homeowners who install smaller systems that provide lower levels of security may only receive a small discount. However, homes that are equipped with home security systems with monitoring services typically save much more. Monitored systems provide homeowners and their families with 24/7 coverage and connection to police and emergency dispatch services in case of an emergency. The most reliable home security monitoring companies usually provide well-integrated monitoring systems along with home security and alarm system. Purchasing both the monitoring service in addition to the alarm system can save you money and avoid system compatibility complications.

To save money on your homeowners’ insurance, and get reliable 24/7 home alarm and security monitoring services, contact the security system professionals at Alert Protective Services Inc. We specialize in selecting, installing, and monitoring the highest quality home security and alarm systems. For more information about the products we carry and our monitoring service, try our DIY service today!

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