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How to Protect Your Home While You’re on a Vacation

There is no such things as too much home security tips. Did you know that summer is the most common time for a break-in to occur? On top of that, theft is the fourth-most-common homeowners’ insurance claim that affects one in 215 insured households annually. While there are many security companies in Chicago, Alert Protective will treat you and your property as if it were our own! If you have a summer trip planned or you simply want to make sure your house is protected while you are gone, follow these tips.

Make It Seem Like You’re Home

Once thieves are inside of your home, they will take everything in sight. It is more effective to make it seem like you are home and deter them from entering in the first place. Turn on timers for your lights so your house isn’t completely dark. Talk to your neighbors and have them mow your lawn, collect the paper and put your trash cans out as necessary.

Secure Your Valuables

Well-versed burglars know all of the common hiding spots for valuables like checkbooks, computers, cash, jewelry and more. While you shouldn’t leave your valuables out, know that you might need to get creative with hiding spaces. You can also consider leaving valuables with other friends or family members who will still be in town.

Invest in Security Cameras

One of many great home security tips is to install a few security cameras. As one of the best security companies in Chicago, we take the responsibility of helping protect your home very seriously. We offer home surveillance systems that make it easy to monitor your home from your phone. We also offer home audio, video and wiring services! Contact Alert Protective to get started in ensuring your home is protected.

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