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Home Security Mishaps

Home security mishaps is more common than what you think. Our security blog usually covers the things you should be doing to keep yourself safe. We want to put a little spin and tell you about some things you should not do, to minimize risk.

Turning off your alarm system. You may pick and choose when to arm your alarm, but in reality keep it on at all times. Review how to use the system with each member of your family so they don’t accidentally trigger the alarm.

Keeping doors unlocked. Even if you’ll be gone “just for a minute,” bring your keys with you and lock the door. You never know who has an eye on your home and is just waiting for you to leave. It is wise to lock the doors even when you are home.

Leaving your home dark when you’re away. You can use a timer for interior and exterior lighting. Leave your television on, to give the illusion the house is occupied. There are even apps for your smartphone or tablet that allow you to turn lights off and on while you are gone!

Putting boxes for expensive items out for trash collectors. That giant box for your new flatscreen is a pain, and you want to get rid of it; but leaving it out in plain sight shows you have valuable items inside your home. Flatten boxes and try to fit them into a recycling bin that closes, or even better, take them directly to a trash carrier.

Being cheap when it comes to security. You don’t need to spend a fortune on an alarm system, but when it comes to the security of you, your family and your valuables, going with the cheapest option is a mistake. Speaking with a professional security company can help you determine the system that will provide you with adequate protection without breaking your budget.

Want to find the right security system for your home? Contact us Alert Protective Services today at 855-455-6700! Try our DIY services if you have an interest in installing our security system yourself.

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