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Home security improvement can benefit you. Nobody wants to put their home, family or belongings at risk. If you could keep everybody and everything safer, why wouldn’t you? Here are some ways you can improve your home security and give yourself a peace of mind.


Deadbolt locks keep the door secure in its frame, and are available in two versions: keyed, which always require a key to unlock; and levered, which only require a key to unlock the door from the outside. Your front door, and every door into your home if possible, should have a peephole so you are able to see who is at your door before opening it. Peepholes are relatively inexpensive and can make a difference in your home safety.


Your home probably has quite a few more windows than doors. Criminals who want to get inside will likely check all windows to see if any are open or unlocked. Heavy window locks will keep windows secure and more difficult to jimmy from the outside.


The key to a successful burglary is getting in and out unseen. Installing motion-sensor lights near all entrances, and regular lights around the exterior of the home. This way, you can be alert when lights are turned on, and neighbors can easily spot anyone trying to get inside.


Most burglars take advantage of unoccupied homes. When you are out of town, have a neighbor collect your mail. Using a timer, set up automatic lights to turn on and off inside so it looks like people are home.


Every so often, update an inventory of valuable items and where they are kept. Take photos throughout your home. This will help you determine what is missing and what has been tampered with in the event of an intrusion.


An alarm system will alert you, as well as authorities, to someone entering your home, increasing your chances of finding and identifying them. If you place your alarm company’s sticker decal on your window or sign in your yard, potential thieves are more likely to steer clear of your home.


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