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Home Maintenance, When it’s Time to Change Your Locks

Have you been doing some fall maintenance? Maybe you’ve had your furnace inspected or your gutters cleared. What about your locks?  Did you know that changing your locks should be a part of home maintenance? While you don’t need to change locks too regularly, once every three years is usually sufficient, there are some times when locks should be changed quickly. Below are some examples.

You lost your keys. There is no question that you should change your locks if you or someone else in your household lost the keys. You never know where (or in whose hands) they ended up.

You moved into a new home. Who knows who has copies of the keys to your new home? It’s better to be safe than sorry, so have the locks changed as soon as possible after moving in.

You recently ended a relationship. Regardless of the nature of the breakup, emotions may be raw and your former partner may not be thinking rationally. Locks should be changed especially if there have been arguments as to who gets what possessions in a separation or divorce. Change locks as well if a roommate moves out.

You had a break-in attempt. If someone broke in or tried to break into your home, you should definitely change your locks, and should also consider other security improvement options.

You gave a spare key to a repairman or contractor. Again, while most people are trustworthy, others are not. If a service person came to your home for some sort of repair, and you provided them with a spare key, change the locks whether they returned the keys to you or not.

While changing locks (and using those locks!) is an effective way to boost home security, a break-in or burglary is still possible. Visit our website to learn more about your security options.

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