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Home invasion in the Chicagoland Area & How Home Security Can Make an Impact

Remotely controlled surveillance allows you to watch your home any hour of the day from anywhere and alert authorities if something is out of place.

Recently, a family experienced a home invasion in Arlington Heights. This event could have ended badly had it not been for both the home surveillance equipment and the actions of the homeowner. According to the Chicago Sun Times, two assailants armed with a gun and a knife forced entry into the home. These assailants attempted to hold up the family with an intent to rob in the process. 

Surprisingly, the homeowner fought back chasing one of the assailants outside and punching him to the ground. Thanks to their surveillance camera, this event was caught camera. Subsequently, the other assailant was shot dead in the home by the homeowner with a single shot to the abdomen. 

Furthermore, even though the homeowner reacted bravely and protected his family. The situation could have been more contained had he used his home security system properly.  

How does a home security system help protect your family?

When used properly, a smart home security system can protect your belongings and your family. When the camera caught the men on surveillance at the front door, the family should have been alerted indoors by their doorbell camera and been able to see the people at their door.

At this point, not recognizing the people outside, the homeowners should have left the door locked and spoke from inside. The men wearing masks and gloves were suspicious and they already can tell this from their smart home security system. 

What are the other benefits of a home security system?

If these homeowners had utilized their system properly, things may have turned out differently. Or perhaps, they only have doorbell surveillance, in which case they are missing out on the true benefits of a home security system.

  • Home automation features help save energy in your home
  • Many insurance agencies offer discounts to homeowners with a security monitoring system
  • Remotely controlled surveillance allows you to watch your home any hour of the day from anywhere and alert authorities if something is out of place. 
  • They are an investment that will help protect your valuables and your family 24/7

Work with a local Chicagoland company to bring better security to your home! 

Do not end up with a situation on your hands like this most recent Arlington Heights family. Protection is key and safety should be your number one priority for your family.

At Alert Protective Services, we offer 24/7 monitoring that provides your family with peace of mind and vigilant protection. If you are not taking advantage of a home security system with home automation integration, now is time to make that investment. 

We offer free estimates to local Chicagoland customers looking to make the switch to a safer, more secure home. Give us a call today at (855) 433-6700 to get your FREE estimate set up! Or you can contact us here. Checkout our new DIY Services as well. 

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