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How to Stay Safe this Halloween

halloween safety


Parents everywhere would be nervous if their children were roaming the neighborhood knocking on stranger’s door. Yet, every Halloween our children take to the streets in mass and do just this. Halloween is a night of fun that children will remember for all their lives, however, certain safety precautions will protect children from potentially dangerous situations.

There are certain risks associated with Halloween activities. Many children’s costumes contain weapons. Masses of children walking throughout the neighborhood means a lot of street crossing. The National Safety Council did research that showed around 20% of pedestrian deaths in motor vehicle incidents happen when roads or intersections were not crossed properly. Children also approach strangers homes and accept something to eat. As a safety company, we put together this guide to help you keep your kids safe on Halloween. Here are some Halloween safety tips that can ensure your protection.

Adjust the Costume

Halloween can be made safer simply by adjusting your child’s costume. Keeping costumes bright or adding reflective tape make it easier for a driver to identify children crossing a street. Make sure all swords, guns, and costume accessories are soft and flexible. A properly fitting costume helps avoid tripping. Flame resistant costumes are important with a high likelihood of lit candles or other lights being around.

Educate your Children

Education is essential to keeping your children safe. Explain to children why we must cross the street at intersections and street corners. Make sure to show them how to make eye contact with the driver before they cross the street. Be sure your child understands that they should stay on the sidewalk whenever possible. Tell your child not to go to any poorly lit houses or accept homemade candy. Give them emergency contacts in case a dangerous situation does arise.


A parent supervising a group of children will help ensure the children’s safety. Children under the age of 12 typically should not be left unsupervised on Halloween. While the age may vary depending on the maturity level of your child, continue with parental supervision if you are not sure. If your child is old enough to go alone, go over their route with them to make sure they only go to pre-approved places.

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