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Grilling Safety

Grilling safety is important. There is nothing that says “summer” quite like grilling out with friends and family. As fun (and delicious!) as grilling can be, it can also be very dangerous.

An average of about 6,500 grill fires occur each year, most often between the months of May and August. Which is a lot. If you are planning on grilling this Fourth of July weekend, make sure you follow these simple tips to protect your home and prevent accidents.

Grilling Safety Tips

  1. Position your grill a safe distance away from your home or any building, branches and play areas.
  2. Check your gas grill for leaks or any blockage in burner tubes beforehand.
  3. Make sure the lid is open when starting a gas grill.
  4. Never apply lighter fluid to a grill that is already lit.
  5. Use mitts and other appropriate tools intended for grilling.
  6. Remove grease and fat periodically from the grill.
  7. Keep children and pets away from the grill.
  8. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby while grilling.
  9. If a fire starts, close the lid immediately.
Happy Fourth of July!
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Courtesy of USFA and the City of Madison
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