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Grand Theft Auto

Lock the Car Door

It’s something most of us don’t give a lot of thought to, and yet it’s one of the most common crimes: grand theft auto.

In recent years, automobile manufacturers have greatly improved their standard and optional security system designs to help you protect your new vehicle investment. Bear in mind that while no factory-installed or aftermarket-security option can provide absolute protection, they can make auto theft more difficult and time-consuming, which is something the average car thief wants no part of.

Most common of the aftermarket-security devices are the “visible” types. These are generally steering locks, and include hook locks, cane-like bars and armored collars. They protect your vehicle from being driven away, but do nothing to protect it from being towed away. Nor do they protect CD players, cell phones or passenger side air bags.

Hidden electronic devices, such as kill switches for either the ignition or fuel supply, are also a popular aftermarket-security option. Like visible mechanical devices, kill switches don’t protect the vehicle’s contents or prevent towing.

Passive alarm systems have come a long way in recent years and most insurance companies now view them as effective theft deterrents. These represent the state-of-the-art in theft prevention. If you are seriously concerned about protecting your vehicle under all circumstances, your local police and your insurance company can give you valuable information about what works best.

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