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Garage Door, Could it be a Security Breach?

Manufacturers may claim that their electronic garage door openers are high tech and state-of-the-art. The fact is that  the vast majority operated units on the market are burglar-friendly, not burglar-proof. Here’s a fr advise you can look into.

Like cellular-phone thieves and computer hackers, burglars have entered the electronic age. A criminal can use an electronic “code grabber” to record and play back the signal from an automatic garage door. They can do this from hundreds of feet away. Armed with that electronic “key to your house,” a burglar can open the garage door – even pull-in a vehicle – then walk into your home and walk off with whatever he or she wants, often leaving no telltale signs of breaking and entering.

How can you protect yourself and still enjoy the convenience of your automatic garage door opener? One way is to make certain that the entranceway from your garage to your living quarters is protected as a primary entrance by your security system. That way, even if a criminal gains entrance to your garage, he or she still faces an armed and secure entranceway to your home.

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