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Foil Cat-Burglars, Ways to Do it

Foil cat-burglars from entering your home or place of business. The customary, tongue-in-cheek response is to get two dogs that love to bark. Which does work, but not everyone wants two or even one barking dog in the family. So, here are some other things to keep in mind that can help you foil the would-be cat burglar.

  • Arm-your-system. Even if you’re only leaving your home for a short trip, always arm your security system when you leave.
  • Lock-up. Burglars look for open (unlocked) doors and windows. Even when you are home, all storm doors, entrance doors and ground-level windows should be locked.
  • Take-away easy access. Burglars look for risk-free entrances, like an unlit rear door surrounded by bushes and shrubs. Make certain all entrance ways are well lit, or protected by motion-sensing light fixtures that turn-on when anyone walks into range.
  • Have “creative” stashes. The first place burglars go is the bedroom where they expect to find cell phones, laptops, wallets, purses, car keys and jewelry. They look in the toilet water tank for hidden jewels, and in books for a book safe. Hide your valuables in unusual places, or, best of all, keep them in a bank safe-deposit box.
  • If you see a prowler in your bedroom at night, pretend you’re still asleep. If you hear one downstairs, call the police and try to get out of the house. If you return home and see a suspicious person on your property, never confront them — use your cell phone or drive to a neighbor’s home to call for police assistance.

By the way, we did mention “arm-your-system,” didn’t we? It’s your best defense against all types of criminals and burglars, including cat burglars.

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