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Fire Safety Tips is Part of Home Security

Fire safety tips has a huge importance for your protection. The security of your home extends beyond your burglar alarm; you should also be thinking about smoke and fire hazards. In 2014, approximately 1.3 million fires were reported in the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association, causing injury, property damage and sometimes death. A fire alarm system can help detect such hazards and prevent a tragic situation.

Once you have chosen the right smoke and fire alarm system for your home, you must decide where they should be located. Consider these points for smoke detector and alarm placement.

Fire Safety Tips

High up: Smoke alarms should be placed on ceilings, or at least high up on the walls near the ceiling.

Frequented areas: One smoke detector is not enough for your home. You should have at least one detector on each floor of your home. While the NFPA recommends one detector in each bedroom, at least place one outside every sleeping area.

Leave space from the fireplace: While it is all right to place a detector in the same room as your fireplace, make sure to not place it too close.

Avoid the kitchen: Many systems, especially more touchy ones, will be triggered even by minor smoke from cooking. Don’t place your alarm too close to this area.

Avoid the bathroom: Similar to the kitchen, smoke and steam from the bathroom can set off the alarm easily.

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