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False Alarm Prevention

False alarm prevention is important. Your security system detects and alerts you to intrusions, attempted intrusions and fire emergencies, and can even provide options. If you connect to our central monitoring station, you have the additional layer of protection that comes with a 24/7 direct-connection to help when you need it – whether that’s police or fire.

Your security system also provides you with peace of mind. There is one thing your security system simply cannot do: differentiate between a real emergency and an accidental false alarm!

The major cause of false alarms fall into four categories: 1) unlocked or loose doors and/or windows that cause an alarm contact to signal an intrusion when the system is armed; 2) anyone who is unfamiliar with how your system functions; 3) wandering pets; and 4) errors by the keypad or controller user. “User error” accounts for about 80 percent of all false alarms – and we take that statistic very personally! Why? Because it could mean that we need to give you and your family more accurate instructions about arming and disarming your system!

If you have any apprehensions about how your system works, don’t hesitate to call us to arrange a refresher course for you, your family or your employees about the proper way to arm, disarm and use your system’s controls.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or try our DIY services.

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